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Classes Offered at Hockessin Chiropractic Centre

All classes are held at our office:
724 Yorklyn Road, Suite 150
Hockessin, DE 19707

Coordination Pattern Training

Betsy Wetzig has turned the four Coordination Patterns – named for their physical qualities, Thrust, Shape, Swing, and Hang – into a tool to improve the way you move, interact with others and access your talents and skills. The training helps all ages to:

      • Move in the most efficient and healthiest way, preventing injury
      • Enhance abilities to create, learn/educate, lead and communicate
      • Turn movement into a practical tool for insight into human behavior
      • Improve interactions at the personal, family business and cultural levels
      • Handle stress in a positive and productive way

Betsy worked with educators to develop the Pattern’s learning styles use – with body workers, movement specialist, and physical trainers to develop the Pattern’s movement skills and training applications – and with business experts for developing leadership skills. She co-authored the book Move to Greatness: Focusing the Four Essential Energies of a Whole and Balanced Leader which was published in 2008. Her work is included in Mirka Knaster’s book, Discovering the Body’s Wisdom, and can be found at

Betsy offers personal one on one session to restore normal movement and posture.

When: Friday, Feb 28 & Mar 20
Instructor: Betsy Wetzig
Cost: $70.00 for an hour session – cash or check paid directly to Betsy (Cancel fee $40.00 if canceled without 24 hours notice)

Call 302-239-8550 to schedule.
You can also email us for registration and information:

Healing from the Core Meditation Circle

In this brief workshop, you will learn about:

      • Healing from the Core principles
      • The concepts of healing circles
      • Grounding exercises to help renew your energy
      • Building and maintaining healthy boundaries

Join others in this circle format as you learn how to build and maintain healthy boundaries for all aspects of your daily life

When: Saturday, Feb 1, Mar 7, Apr 4, May 2, June 6; 9:30AM-11:30AM
Instructor: Tamara Blossic, DC
Cost: $20.00 for each workshop

Call 302-239-8550 for information and registration.
You can also email us for registration and information:

T’ai Chi Chih®

T’ai Chi Chih is easy and enjoyable to learn as well as suitable for any age, physical condition, or agility level. Just 20 simple yet powerful movements!
Typical benefits include:

      • Improved energy, balance, mental clarity, and blood pressure.
      • Stress reduction and improved health.
      • It can also be a valuable tool in the management of chronic pain or conditions including arthritis, heart disease, obesity, and depression.
When: Monday January 13 – March 9
Instructor: Jessica Lewis
Cost: $135.00 for 9 classes!

We also offer T’ai Chi Chih Guided Practice

Deepen your understanding of the 20 simple yet powerful movements! It is suitable for any graduates of a T’ai Chi Chih intro level course. Guided Practice is an ideal way to experience even greater physical and mental health benefits by refining your movements. Moving in a room of seasoned practitioners can also be quite profound.

Choose any 7 of 9 Tuesdays, Jan 14 – Mar 10 – 3;30 – 4;30 PM, for just $105.00 (additional 2 classes just $15.00 each)

Call 302-239-8550 to register
You can also email us for registration and information.

EFT Tapping Sessions

Tapping, also known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), is a holistic healing technique that uses the body’s energy meridian points. By tapping your fingertips on these points of the body and focusing on negative emotions or physical sensations, you will calm the nervous system. This helps the brain to respond in healthy ways and restores the body’s balance of energy.

Negative emotions cause a disruption of the body’s energy. You can restore balance to this energy through tapping and mend the negative emotions and physical symptoms that stem from energy disruption.

Tapping provides relief from:

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Emotional problems & disorders
  • Addictions
  • Phobias
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Physical diseases.
During this private session you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the Tapping technique
  • Learn about Tapping points
  • Participate in Tapping sequence
  • Receive a Tapping Chart
When: Friday afternoons – 1:30 Pm – 4:30 PM
Instructor: Doreen Moore
Cost: $40.00 for a 30 minute session or $70.00 for 60 minutes

Call 302-239-8550 for registration and information
You can also email us for registration and information:

The Importance of Detox ( Detoxification class)

The detoxification program addresses the most common underlying causes of chronic health challenges such as structural problems, hidden food allergies, leaky gut, toxic overload and chronic inflammation. This program consists of a thorough detoxification plan designed to eliminate toxins and harmful bacteria from the body. This is accomplished through removing common food allergens, improving diet, and utilization of supplements.

The first class will include introduction to the detoxification process, why it is beneficial and distribution of the kits. In the second class, we talk about addressing, chronic causes of inflammation and how to avoid them. We will address a healthy lifestyle, diet and supplements. Plans will be provided to assist for maintaining health. Email support is available during the two weeks.

When: Tuesday, Jan 7 & 21 @6:45 pm
Instructor: Tamara Blossic, DC
Cost: $150.00 includes the detoxification kit (30 pouches of powder, 30 pouches of supplements, shaker cup and guidebook)

Payment for class due when signing up, must register by December 30, 2019 (No Refunds)

All first class attendees will be put in a raffle for a free detox kit!

Class attendance not necessary for participation.

Call 302-239-8550 for registration and information.
You can also email us for registration and information:

Introduction to Posture Exercise

Posture conscious motion teaches you to be aware of your posture, and strengthens the core muscles that control posture. Proper posture will:

  • Reduce upper and lower back strain
  • Preserve your back as you age
  • boost your overall confidence
During this class each participant receives:

  • Individual assessments
  • A personalized at home exercise regimen
  • A walk through of each exercise so you have the tolls needed for proper posture

Wear comfortable clothing and bring your cellphone.

When: Tuesday, January 28 – 6:30 – 7:30 pm
Instructor: Tamara Blossic, DC
Cost: $10.00 per class

Call 302-239-8550 for registration and information
You can also email us for registration and information:

Functional Fitness for Any Body

We all know moving often is important but what do you really know about moving well?

This FUN, informative, hands-on workshop is designed for everyone from the exercise novice to the full-blown gym rat. Learn what 5 simple, yet essential movement patterns must be included in any high-quality workout. Then learn how EASY it can be to get and stay fit with little or no equipment no matter where you are.

When: Saturday, Feb 8 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Instructor: Jessica Lewis, CPT, CNC
Cost: $32.00

Call 302-239-8550 for registration and information. Space is limited…call by November 11.
You can also email us for registration and information:


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